FAQ : Product & Material Knowledge

  1. How do I care for my ONYX plastic products?
    • Look up the product identification code stamped on the bottom of the product and refer to the table below to see proper care and washing instructions.  Most but not all ONYX products are dishwasher.  Avoid using abrasives and bleach.

      All ONYX products are BPA- free.

      Code Product Material Temp safe (°C) Microwave safe Dishwasher safe Product Lines
        Melamine -20 - 120 No Yes Quatro, Oriental Bicolor, Leaf, Centris Series
        SAN -60 - 90 No Yes

      Crystal drinkware

      Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) -20 - 90 No Hand wash recommended Essential Storage Series
      Polyethylene (PE) -20 - 85 Yes Yes Sealware covers
      Polypropylene (PP)  -20 - 120 Yes Yes Majority of plastic products incl. lunch boxes
      Polystyrene (PS)  -20 - 90 Yes Hand wash recommended Canisters


      -20 - 100 Yes Yes Refresh water bottles
  2. What is the Crystal Drinkware series made of?
    • Our Crystal Drinkware is made from SAN. SAN is a lightweight but durable material known for its excellent clarity. Unlike similar clear materials, SAN is not prone to yellowing and has high impact and scratch resistance. For best results, ONYX recommends hand washing your Crystal Drinkware and treat as you would glasswear.

  3. What is the difference between plastic and melamine?
    • Plastic refers to a class of materials which melts when heated above a particular temperature, and as a result can be remolded and recycled. There are many different types of plastic. Melamine is a "thermoset" material which sets or hardens after being cured at a high temperature. ONYX DESIGNS™ produces merchandise in both of these materials for household use.
  4. What are the recommended care and use instructions for ONYX DESIGNS™ melamine products?
    • Melamine items are marked as safe for use between -20°C to 120°C and for refrigerator/freezer use. Melamine products are dishwasher safe, however hand washing is recommended for best results.
  5. How can I remove the product sticker?
    • We suggest rubbing a small amount of cooking oil into the label to loosen the adhesive to the point where the label can be lifted away and the remaining adhesive wiped off.