I want to just share a testimony… This plate’s age is probably the same as my younger brother and I. I got this plate and bowl for my 3rd birthday in 1997 and I am still able to use it at the age of 20 years old today. I still use the Looney Tunes plate every day from the age of 3 yrs old until today. The plate’s condition is still good, apart from the fact that it is starting to peel maybe because of age. Fortunately, the plate has never fell. So every bite of nutritional intake and food that I’ve consumed has been from this plate for the past 20 years. The same goes for my younger brother. We are still using it until today. I highly salute and applaud the quality of this product. It’s very strong and I have been using it my whole life. I thank ONYX for producing the best product that has lasted for up to 20 years. I hope that this model can be produced again. Maybe I can save it to showcase at home as a souvenir for life.

Dedi Anugrah


Am not hesitant to use ONYX products because they are Food Grade and meet ISO standards broo..can eat with a spoon or with just my hands (grab with hands in “Javanese language”) is just cool…quietly eating, the stomach becomes full… nyamm..nyam ..nyam..

Nanang Sutrisno


I know ONYX products from 1998, because it is very well known especially the melamine products, because it is durable and long-lasting. It was also easy to find in modern stores at the time. At time that, my mother often bought the Mickey water bottle for me. At this time, I often use ONYX products as souvenir gifts for friends. It would be good especially if ONYX has the Baby Set again as it was then, if I’m not wrong Baby Pooh. Since the rise of cheap melamine from China was a big issue 5 years ago, for awhile I doubted whether melamine is safe for health , but because of the explanations and tips of ONYX on choosing good melamine that was safe for health, then I still chose ONYX for household supplies for my family, and I did not hesitate to promote it to my family and friends in the monasteries and organizations . Thank you..

Sima Budy


I have known ONYX products for more than 10 years. I used to feel that the ONYX products’ price is relatively more expensive compared to other products of melamine / plastic in the market. However, since 5 years ago I started to switch to ONYX products, because in retrospect the price of ONYX products is comparable considering the durability and safety of the products. Moreover, a few years ago news circulated about the possible lack of safety of plastic materials / specific melamine products which may cause cancer and other diseases. Now, I always turn to products from ONYX , and I loveeee it .... Because I love the color green , Taaarrraaaaa , this is a photo of my ONYX collection ...

Yuliana Handriani Royadi


I have long used ONYX products from before the time I was married until now 15 years later, both plastic and melamine products. Moreover after having a child, we cannot use random containers…most importantly we have to check and recheck they are Food Grade. Until our eldest child reached 10 years old, the plastic containers and melamine products were still in good condition and have been passed down to the youngest child now. ONYX I love you and we will not change heart..

Lyly Yani


I have used ONYX for a very long time since my days of college, but in the past still used different brands. After having my baby Azzam who was still breast-feeding then, it got me thinking of what bowl I wanted to buy that was baby safe, because doctors always warned about melamine ware in the market which may be fake because of Chinese brands etc. What came to mind immediately was ONYX which I was certain had met food grade standards and was complete with its line of bowls, plates, mugs and tumblers, from small to large sizes. Apparently I was not wrong with my choice because when baby Azzam reached 2, I was happy with him eating on his own, especially because ONYX was safe. Even though sometimes his mug fell, it was still durable he he he.. Until now Azzam is reaching 4 years only and is addicted to buying ONYX. Azzam now eats the adult-size portion of foods, so as a household we all use the tumbler, bowls and plates all from ONYX. Azzam is about to have another baby brother he..he..he.. and we can just recycle his ONYX infant tableware because the products are still in good condition, and do not have any food stains or marks like the melawine ware which are fake. Using ONYX has made it more cost-saving and yet is safe and trustable ☺

Nona Rolobessy